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Reviews from Guests


"The Journey" - April 2016


"I hate you, because this is genius! Thank you for a wonderful experience and a tasty night!" - Craig        

"Imaginative, inventive, and incredible ice cream stories."                                                                                                                                                                               

"It should not be! Peanut butter ice cream, orange & anise soda, and ras el hanout should not be delicious! Sweet savory-ish ice cream with parmesan? Matzo ice cream? Something delicious with Manischewitz?  Yet somehow, it was all absolutely unique and amazing. With so much great food in this city it is always amazing to find something so surprising and so good."  

"Usually I don't eat desserts but yours were SO good."  

"Rebirth / renewal" - march 2016


"Thank you for driving home that desserts do not have to be super sweet to be so delicious."            

"Thank you very much. What a beautiful and poetic evening - the melange of senses and memories, their awakeness and presence were so intense - through the food, the stories and the people...Merci!"                                                                                                                                                                               

"A unique and special evening. Spot on with the peanut butter ice cream and brownie." - Casey  

"Lovely evening - great ice cream surprises!" - Marianne.          



"Marvelous! Beautiful space and presentation. Very sincere presence, calm and comforting voice and storytelling. Nice to have been individually greeted. The personal touch - storytelling/food relationship is great. 5 Stars!"            

"Excellent flavor pairings! Love the concept and the 'Vegans Deserve Happiness Too' was phenomenal."                                                                                                                                                                               

"Awesome breadth of ice creams! I loved that the first wasn't too sweet, the second was a great combo - loved the carrot ice cream. The final course was the best! Great crunch and texture, lovely combo - tasted like a transcendent PB & J."      

"I enjoyed every bit of this evening!" - Judi.                                                                                  

"Healthy lifestyles" - January 2015


"I really enjoyed the intimate setting, the storytelling and the company! Many of the courses and components were inventive and surprising."            - Laura

"The desserts totally exceeded my expectations! You put so much though into each dish, the love comes through for sure."                                                 - Ariel                                                                                                                     

"A truly unique dessert experience! We thoroughly enjoyed the creative concoctions and accompanying stories. Can't wait for the next vegan edition of Morgan St Theater."                                                                                        - Eric                                                                                                                     

"A Night at the Opera" - October 2014

This was definitely a 5-star+ event. :-)

The enthusiasm simply pours from these two men in every way. The theme of the night “Budapest 2004” became an adventure in superb story telling connecting experiences with people, food and places. A true journey for the senses!!!!

Amazing ice cream desserts were served with unusual yet delightful flavor combinations in the form of a 3-course dessert adventure. Jared does a wonderful job with his unique combinations of ingredients, textures, tastes and color! (yum for the tum, tongue and eyes)

Jeff really topped off the night with his creative wine pairings adding a few delightful surprises in between. All wines from Southern France providing a range of sweetness, bubble and color. Guests (including me) were in seventh-heaven.

I look forward to another fine adventure in ice cream and wine delights. And, I have a few obscure wines to add to my “favorites” list. Not to mention I will always remember the story about Vikki!! :-)
— Debbie

"School's Out for Summer!" - June 2014

Your creativity and execution is extremely developed, mature, complex and inspiring. I appreciate your food. It was genuinely exciting!
— Hanny S.
What a refreshing change from trendy sweet desserts that are the only choice usually. I particularly liked the beet granita.
— Chris K.
Jared, your work is amazing. The creativity is unbelievable. I love what you do. I hope to see you and these delicious desserts again!
— Leslie
This was such a fun evening. Stories and ice cream, what could be better? Everything was delicious and you were very entertaining.
— Caroly K.

"From the Ground Up" - October 2013

Part mad-scientist, part poet-sage, Goodman and his concoctions are a force of nature, Morgan St Theater is not to be missed!
— Nathaniel S.
Authentically Portland! Inventive and delicious explorations in ice cream. Sundaes like I’ve never seen. I thoroughly enjoyed Morgan St Theater.
— Sam B.
Thank you so much Morgan St Theatre! From the atmosphere to the amazing company to the wonderful ice cream no detail was overlooked. Fantastic!
— Erin
A wonderfully unique and delicious experience!
— Faye

"Thanksgivukkah" - November 2013

Morgan St Theatre is fantastic! The evening was a unique, fun, and delicious ice cream adventure! I could eat gallons of the sage ice cream with salted caramel sauce
Excellent! Portions were the perfect size. As with last time I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor combinations., particularly the cranberry and chocolate. Fantastic!
Delightful company, and a real pleasure to enjoy new flavors bite-by-bite!
You rule. Super impressed! Yelp 5 stars! :)

"Winter is Coming" - December 2013

The winter dessert tasting was one of the most delightful dining experiences I’ve ever had in Portland. It was one of those “only in Portland” things that you can’t wait to tell everyone about. The flavor combinations were surprisingly delicious and the hosts and company were warm and welcoming. I’ll definitely be back.
— Karen G.
The Morgan St Theater is Portland’s sweetest secret society. Built on a sincere, unassuming platform of strangers enjoying dessert on a simple back porch, the MST delivers top shelf creations with neighborly warmth.
— Reed C.
A delightful pairing of flavors and story. A thoughtful, personal dining experience that all will enjoy!
I will dream of the pear soda float for the rest of my life. Magically, exponentially greater than the sum of its parts (which were also delicious.) Intimate, fun, daring, comfortable, surprising, informative, personal, delicious, tasty.

"Healthy Lifestyles" - January 2014

Such a great idea! An amazing collection of flavors - every course was a surprise. Well balanced and exciting.
The attention to detail was amazing! I couldn’t have been more delighted with the combination of flavors. I will be back.
This was SO nice. The size and atmosphere were just right for meeting a few new people in a relaxed way. The idea of eating multiple desserts was exciting and daunting, but the size and time between were just right to savor each. I loved the variety in flavors and experimentation.
— Skye M.
Excellent presentation, welcome, introduction and setting. Clearly set expectations for what night involved. Marc is a fabulous mixologist. Jared is sweet, meticulous and comprehensive. Wonderful dynamic duo - keep it up.

"Chocolate 3 Ways" - February 2014

Not knowing what to expect I was delighted to be taken care of so deliciously. The portions were substantial; the flavors were simple but intense and mingled well together. The host’s stories and personality also paired well with the desserts, leaving a pleasant taste in mouth and mind.
Dee-licious! Loved the experience and every course was uniquely tasty.
What a fun experience! Jared’s pairings blended deliciously and proved my uncertainty wrong. The smooth texture was just lovely and a nice contrast to the other sides. Jared’s passion shined!

Private Tasting - February 2014

Morgan St Theater is the type of experience Portlanders love: intimate and convivial, based around delicious food created with imagination and delivered with heart.
Gorgeous, inventive, delicious desserts in a warm and gracious setting. Loved the experience!
Amazing flavors, delightful stories - a treat of an evening with sweets and sweet conversation.