Photo by Sarah Marguier

Photo by Sarah Marguier

Morgan St Theater is a dessert pop-up specializing in ice cream and storytelling. Our theatrical events bring people together for a meaningful and memorable evening of delicious food and interesting people.  The dessert tasting menu changes monthly and finds inspiration from a theme and what's in season. The theater unfolds as playful dessert concepts are presented with live entertainment, from storytelling to puppetry, theatre to dance, and music. An evening of 'dessert theatre' includes a three-course tasting menu of thoughtfully composed frozen desserts, paired with live performance. Gratuity is included with ticket purchase. 

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Once upon a time I was an academic, then I became an educator, then a food activist and blogger, all the while nurturing a love for cooking and baking. Everything changed with the birth of my daughter and my life transformed to full-time, stay-at-home parenting. Fortunately, my ice creams inspired many friends to push me further and I discovered the untapped potential of ice cream sundaes and floats. Now an idea is hatched and a vision unfolding.

I promise fantastic flavors, unexpected contrasts and more than one memory to bring home. Join this adventure in ice cream and experience something completely new and delicious in the world of dessert!