"Healthy Lifestyles"

Morgan St Theater is thrilled to launch its first season of 'dessert theatre,' from January through May! Each month's menu will find inspiration in a theme and what's in season. Weekly events will interpret the theme through a different performance medium, including storytelling, puppetry, music and dance. 

With the beginning of a new year, it is nearly a tradition to adapt oneself to a 'healthy lifestyle.' From diet to exercise to general well being, January is the month to begin anew. Start your year off right with an evening of inspired 'healthy' desserts paired with live entertainment and a roomful of interesting people. Our menu for this month will be gluten-free, dairy-free and for those interested, refined sugar-free too! 

Join us for a memorable evening as we explore the (mis)adventures of eating healthy, or eating poorly, from foraging to paleo, vegan to no-sugar, pescetarian, vegetarian, South Beach and Weight Watchers - explore the absurdity, romanticism, or spiritual experience of living a ‘healthy lifestyle.’ 

February 10
"How I Love"