Sundae Cycles: Shavuout

Shavuout, literally "weeks" in Hebrew, was traditionally a harvest holiday, marking the time for Jewish farmers to offer their first harvest of Spring.  After the destruction of the Second Temple, rabbis reclaimed this harvest holiday as something more profound and relevant to Judaism. What once marked a pilgrimage to sacrifice offerings, now celebrates the moment when Jews received the Torah from God. (The Torah being a holiest of texts in Judaism.) Steeped in both the cycles of agriculture and the intellect, Shavuout celebrates a changing in season and as well as the importance of study and knowledge. 

Morgan St Theater welcomes you to celebrate Shavuout, a holiday that is traditionally rich with dairy. Our evening will celebrate the cow and the goat and the sheep. Equal parts thoughtful, delicious and engaging, Morgan St Theater is excited to host another dessert pop-up paired with storytelling and interesting Portlanders! 

To reserve a seat at the table, buy tickets here.